My Favorite Neocities pages

Thanks for visiting my NeoCities site. On this page, you will find a list of my favorite Neocities sites. I add pages here that I think are clever, or lovely, or are really in the spirit of the 'old web'. I will also add you to this list if you sign my comment box and leave me a link, but only to other Neocities pages (although I will visit your site if you leave a link to a non-Neocities page).

SiteInfo's Game of Life is one of my favorite things. This version has a new twist where you can run the 'simulation' with up to 4 different tribes. Red always seems to win, though. 'cyberhome' ASCII art and a truely old web feel along with some serious web-atude make this a fun page to visit. Website awards were awesome. few cute pictures of albino dwarf rabbits. Copyright 2013. YOUR FACE web attitude with some nice text effects. doesn't work on any computer I've tried it on, but I miss the days of 'click here for a free cup holder'. cute (or super lazy?) web comic built using JSON. the mouse and click the mouse and move through space!
http://warpzone.neocities.orgA link portal of some of the best NeoCities pages with a cute theme. collection of sweet NeoCities pages, but it hasn't been updated in a while. clouds and some inspiration. Lots of 'parodies' of this page exist too. neat CSS styles for public use, including some recreated oldies like marching ants and sparkle text. The images are coded directly into the CSS, too! can't tell if this guy is serious, or seriously into pretending he's a french guy into the old web. Either way, his attitude and site design are spot on. few fun hoops to jump through on a site straight from the early '00s. Lovely grunge graphics you can use on your own pages. of the few 'webrings' popping up on Neocities where a bunhc of friends make fun of each other by making silly pages. I'm sure it's all a bunch of inside jokes I'll never understand, but the way the sites flip over is neat and the pages are funny. weird simulator where a truck picks up a bunch of red stuff. Setting the speed up high makes it wobble around and it makes me giggle.

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